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Noritsu QSS3901G

Noritsu QSS3901G

Product Description



Photochemical RA-4 minilab devices for volume photo production from paper rolls and ultra-thin album paper


Digital image data in file formats JPEG, TIFF, PNG, RAW as DNG and S/W, CN and CU material and reflective materials after digitizing using optional scanners

Paper widths
Paper step lengths

From 82.5 to 305 mm
From 89 to 910 mm in millimetre steps

Processing formats (nominal sizes)**

Single-sided from 9 x 9 cm to 30 x 91 cm

Maximum output format (nominal size)**

Panorama print of 30 x 91 cm

Processing capacity (nominal output)**

QSS-3901G/QSS-3904G: 1,480/2,120 photos/hour for 10 x 15 cm,
QSS-3901G/QSS-3904G: 200/290 photos/hour for 30 x 45 cm

Exposure system

Laser image setter

Resolution (selectable)

300 dpi or 640 dpi/12-bit

Special features

Paper widths up to 305 mm (12 inches), two trays for paper rolls as standard; 14x sorter with visual display of job interruption as standard

Space requirements and empty weight of device

QSS-3901G/QSS-3904G: Net floor space of approx. 1.7 m2/1.9 m2; working area with movement zone of at least 3.95 m2
Weight without paper and chemicals of approx. 547 kg/605 kg

Power connection and output

3-phase current, 32 A

System-compatible accessories (optional)

Noritsu film scanner models LS-600, LS-1100, HS-1800; SPC customer terminal and SPC retailer/customer order processing software, expandable with triple or quadruple paper magazines


Easy to operate and network-enabled using EZ Controller and an up-to-date control computer (workstation)

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